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Marguerite Dixon

From June 2022 Grace Notes:

Marguerite Dixon is the oldest member of our congregation. She will be 99 this month! Happy Birthday, Marguerite!! She thinks of Grace as home and has joined two times. The first time she joined was after a friend had invited her to visit Grace. As a member, Marguerite became very active. She was involved in the women’s circle, served on the church council, and helped in driving with youth activities. Later Marguerite would marry and moved to Rockford with her husband, Jack. After about 5 years in Rockford Marguerite and Jack were able to move back to Springfield and rejoin Grace. Marguerite then connected to many friends at Grace. One friend, Marion Kretzschmar (Bonnie Schattschneider’s mother and Kim Gietl’s grandmother) was known as the driving force behind the original Food Pantry. She encouraged Marguerite and Jack to help which, of course, they did. Jack, Marguerite, Marshall Handshy, John Burris, Velma Lawson, and Jim Henry (sorry if any were missed) were instrumental in the upkeep and continuation of the Food Pantry. Thanks to their efforts the Grace Food Pantry has grown from occupying just one room to three rooms and most of the basement. Providing milk, eggs, fresh produce, and canned/dry goods to hundreds each year. Nowadays Marguerite still continues to come to Faith/Grace Circle and attends some services at church. She is also active in the community. She is involved in Homemakers Extension meetings where she helps them in their various charity projects. We hope that this article, albeit small, highlights the importance of this wonderful lady.


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