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A Week at Confirmation Camp: Anna and Dani Clemons

From the July/August 2022 Grace Notes:

Stewardship stories are monthly celebrations of what a difference Grace makes in peoples’ lives. In this edition of Grace Notes spanning two months, we have the pleasure of two reflections from Anna and Dani following their week at Crossways Confirmation Camp @ Augustana College.

What Camp Means to Me (Annabelle Clemons):

It made me feel independent. I enjoyed making some new friends and doing fun activities with them. Going into it I did not know what to feel, but I had fun! I am also planning on going again!

A nightly journal reflection by Danielle Clemons:

Day 1: 10:21 pm - if I'm being honest, my day has been horrible. It's like my sadness about being away from home without Mama turns into anxiety and it's just an endless cycle. Plus, the groups and uncomfortable conditions don't make it any better.

Day 2: 9:28 pm: I feel like today was a little bit better. I felt like I knew my surroundings better and Anna was with me for almost the entire day. I got to pull weeds which was fun, but the entire day my feet hurt so bad. My hind ankle/heel was cut up so Pastor Krieger gave me a lot of band-aids. I'm happy that this week is getting shorter each day, so soon I'll be home with Mama. I had to take a shower and it was ok but I had to wear flip-flops. I hope tomorrow is better.

Day 3: Today was probably the best day of the week. I had more time to talk to my mama and I liked going bowling. I also like the fact that I got to ride with Anna and Kim rather than the color/small groups.

Day 4: 9:38 pm: Today was pretty good. The beginning of the day was kind of boring though (we did the usual wor-ship, did a few activities for theme/small groups, there was a presentation w/ people named Karly, Josie, Lindsey, and Danielle, and we filled out a sheet about our overall week and ate breakfast and lunch). But later was more fun (we got dinner at a pizza place called "Happy Joes," went to mini golf, and went to Whitey's for ice cream [I got chocolate chip cookie dough]).

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