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Stewardship Stories

From Julian Janssen
These are my first memories associated with Grace Lutheran Church, at least the ones that I can still remember. With memories of the Holiday Happening, I remember watching movies every year, and playing in the gym while the older kids would lead us.

I also remember my first Communion. I thought to myself how every young person at the church will go through this someday. It felt like it was a big deal, and it was. But now looking back, it really was just my first step to becoming an adult member of the church.

It wasn’t until I was confirmed that I started to realize what be-lieving in God, and being a member of a church actually meant. When I was confirmed, I had a feeling of warmth that happens every time I walk into Grace and talk to people. It also happens when I go to the Communion rail.

When I was confirmed, I was overcome with feelings of ac-ceptance and love. Like some kind of high. It felt like I wasn’t just a kid who people have to keep a watch on. I was a person of faith. I knew I was put in the community of Grace to serve God, and have a place.

—Written by Mary Plymire

A Stewardship Suggestion

This month our Stewardship Committee would like to suggest that you investigate giving your monthly offering electronically.

  • It saves the church sending you envelopes.

  • It saves you time and energy in filling the envelopes.

  • It assures the church that your giving will be uninterrupted.


If you wish to proceed with this suggestion, call the church office and request that Kim tell you what banking information she needs to set up direct deposit to our church bank account from your checking account.
Once you have followed Kim’s instructions, the process is set in motion and you do not have to worry until you want to change your pledge.

Thank you for prayerfully considering this change to the way in which you support Grace Church financially.

The Stewardship Committee.

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