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Handbell Choir

Handbells are a set of tuned bells that are played together as a single musical instrument. Grace owns a three-octave set of bells and a four-octave set of hand chimes (similar, but shaped differently, and with a different sound.) The use of these smaller bells was developed originally to have a method of practicing before playing the large bells in the church tower. One doesn’t want to make many mistakes when the whole village can hear! Eventually, these sets of smaller bells were appreciated for the many ways they can be used in the liturgy.​


General Information on our Handbell Choir

  • Plays in worship once a month or so during the academic year.

  • Rehearsals vary as the schedule of the participants.

  • Handbells are used in a variety of ways in our liturgies at Grace: for processions, to enhance the sound of a hymn and liturgy accompaniments, and as an instrumental ensemble providing music for meditation on God's word. 

  • Basic music reading skills are helpful, but even more helpful is a good sense of humor!

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