Holiday Food Baskets

Holiday Food Baskets is a program supported by Grace Lutheran, Peace Lutheran and St. John's Lutheran churches in Springfield to support local school families from McClernand Elementary, Franklin Middle, Jefferson Middle and Black Hawk Elementary Schools with food baskets during the time school is not in session for Holiday breaks (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas...)

Each year donations help cover the costs of these baskets to give to families from the local schools listed above.

2022 Easter Food Baskets Report

91 Easter Baskets were taken to Black Hawk, Franklin, McClernand and Jefferson as well as some in need. We thank you for your generosity and this will help with Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets too.

2022 Easter Basket Honorees

Grocery Basket
Friends Eating Dinner
  • Joyce Abrams - Remembering Bob Abrams

  • Anonymous - In honor of Charlotte Blumle

  • Aaron & Jaymie Babel - Remembering Kevin Krone, Eunie Krone, and Clarence Krone

  • Curt & Valerie Benanti - Remembering Clara and John Benanti,

  • Carolyn Benanti, Elizabeth and George Clough, Edna Nation and Adysen Lowery

  • Bob & Annie Ellis - Remembering Charles and Tom Wilhelm

  • Sally & Tom Erickson - Remembering members of the Bryden, White and Erickson families

  • Ann Evans - Remembering my parents

  • Faith/Grace Circle - Remembering Eunie Krone

  • Laurie Farrell - Remembering loved ones

  • Gloria Gagnon - Remembering Leslie Gagnon

  • Larry & Leona Garrison - Remembering Charles and Laura Thompson, Verne and Florence Garrison, Jim Harry, and other family members

  • Anna Mae Handshy - Remembering Marshall, Mary Handshy, and Beth Booker

  • The Hoselton family - Remembering loved ones

  • Trudy Israel - Remembering Pastor Bertrand and Maxine Petrick, Bernice and Charles Israel

  • Corinne Kircher - Remembering Frank Kircher, Helen and Ray Howell

  • John & Toni Klit - Remembering Beth Booker

  • James Krieger - Remembering Karen Krieger S.A.M.

  • Adam, Heidi & Adalyn Lowery - Remembering our daughter, Adysen Lee Lowery

  • Cathy & Bruce Loyd - Remembering Joe and Betty McCue, Margy and Richard Loyd

  • Sara Oehlert - Remembering Allen Oehlert, Dorothy Oehlert, Walter Oehlert

  • Wilbert Rehwald - Remembering Barbara Rehwald

  • John & Debbie Rigg - In honor of grandchildren; Emma, Nolan, and Chelsie Best, Oliver and Isabel Middleton

  • Chris Schofield - Remembering Sylvia Crawford

  • Salli Shields - Remembering beloved Patrick Shields, the Pope family and McVey family

  • Betty Webb - In honor of my many friends who help me get through my senior years

  • Chuck & Diana Weyhenmeyer - Remembering family and friends

  • Ed & Judy Wollet - In honor of family