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Tom Krieger (he/his/him) 

Picture of Pastor Tom Krieger

I am a sinner, loved unconditionally; so are you.

Living in Grace, I hope to share God's love with those created in God's image (including God's one race of every skin tone, including God's one people expressed cis and LGBTQ+).  

For me the gospel of Jesus is summarized in the greatest commandment: love.  We love!  And we don't.  That is why a concept important to Grace is "learning to love our neighbor since 1841," because there is always more to learn.


J.B. George

JB at Grace Easter 2022_edited.png

The "Cantor" in the Lutheran church is the leader of the people's song.  This is somewhat related to the use of the word in the Catholic and Jewish traditions.  Typically, in Lutheran churches, the Cantor leads the hymns and songs of the gathered assembly by playing an instrument, such as organ, piano or guitar, and through the leadership of ensembles, such as choirs, handbell choirs, and instrumental ensembles.

Administrative Assistant

Kim Gietl 

Picture of Kim Gietl

I have been administrative assistant/church secretary in Springfield for 17 years, 6 of those here at Grace Lutheran. I enjoy time with my husband and three kids and I’m here to serve and help people. 


Aaron VonHolten

Picture of Aaron Von Holten

Our Parish Nurse

Diana Weyhenmeyer

Picture of our Parish Nurse Diana Weyhenmeyer.

I have been parish nurse at Grace for over 20 years and helped start the program.  One of my goals is to keep the congregation healthy and accomplish that by monthly articles and taking blood pressures.  I am married to Chuck and we have 3 adult children and 5 beautiful grandchildren.  I enjoy fishing with my husband, golf and reading any type of book. I thank God for our community and enjoy our fellowship.

Graphic Designer/Website Manager

Aaron Babel (he/his/him)


The Lord can call you in interesting ways you do not expect. I did not expect to be doing graphic design work let alone helping manage and design a whole new website for the church, but like I stated, the Lord calls you in interesting ways.

My wife and I have enjoyed 10 plus years at Grace Lutheran and look forward to all the great things we can do in spreading God's love to all his children.

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