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Julian Janssen

From Grace Notes May 2022:

From Julian Janssen, These are my first memories associated with Grace Lutheran Church, at least the ones that I can still remember. With memories of the Holiday Happening, I remember watching movies every year, and playing in the gym while the older kids would lead us. I also remember my first Communion. I thought to myself how every young person at the church will go through this someday. It felt like it was a big deal, and it was. But now looking back, it really was just my first step to becoming an adult member of the church. It wasn’t until I was confirmed that I started to realize what believing in God, and being a member of a church actually meant. When I was confirmed, I had a feeling of warmth that happens every time I walk into Grace and talk to people. It also happens when I go to the Communion rail. When I was confirmed, I was overcome with feelings of acceptance and love. Like some kind of high. It felt like I wasn’t just a kid who people have to keep a watch on. I was a person of faith. I knew I was put in the community of Grace to serve God and have a place. —Written by Mary Plymire


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