Special Announcements 

"Welcome Home"

By the Grace of God and the wonderful workers who worked on our church steeple repairs, we are back in our own sanctuary again. A wonderful thank you to our neighbors at First Presbyterian Church for letting us use their sanctuary during the repair process.


Food Pantry is back to normal operating hours and operating out of the church again. Available Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays from 11 am to 1 pm

Old Announcements

August 19, 2022

Steeple deconstruction has been completed and reconstruction will begin this Monday.

With that 7th street now has one lane open, and Capitol Avenue is now open going westbound.

July 31, 2022 

A congregational meeting was held after worship to approve a motion to install a lightning rod system on the church. The motion was passed unanimously by those in attendance.

July 29, 2022

A new webpage has been added that will include photos and updates on the current steeple repairs as well as some history on previous lightning strikes. 

Click here to see the new Grace and Lightning webpage.

July 2, 2022

People of Grace,

Sangamon County's return to High covid risk, in addition to the challenges we face because of lightning striking the steeple, lead our Worship & Music Committee to share the following:

  • masks are required indoors

  • there will be no summer brunch meals 

Because the steeple repair will not happen overnight, we are also looking into worship location alternatives that would better serve accessibility of all persons.  Until that is finalized, we will continue to gather for worship in the fellowship hall, and worship will continue to be available online.

Sabbath rest to you,

Pastor Krieger

June 30, 2022

People of Grace,

As many of you know, last Saturday night the steeple of Grace Lutheran was struck by lightning, and we held worship in our fellowship hall Sunday morning.  A lot has happened since then...

We have met with our insurance adjuster, R.D. Lawrence, Anderson Electric, the Lincoln Home National Historic Site, Springfield Public Works and Building & Zoning.  Ed Wollet has been doing a phenomenal job of networking all parties and keeping the process moving.  First Presbyterian Church and St. John Lutheran Church have offered their buildings as we may have need.

Our internet service had been knocked out, but has been restored.  

Our phone lines had been impacted, but are operational again.  

The printer is not talking to our computers (being worked on as I type).

The organ thus far does not seem to have been impacted, and the same is true for our worship sound system.  

The computer in the choir room was destroyed.  

The north projector is not operational.

The sanctuary is still off limits.

We are actively pursuing what it will take to have lightning rods installed as part of the rebuilding process.  Having been struck in 2022, 2018, 1968, and 1957 suggests reason to do so.

The food pantry has had to operate out of our parking lot, which has meant a lot of additional work getting it set up and functional.  We are grateful to Doug McFarlan and all of the food pantry staff for finding a way to continue to feed the hungry.


Curt and Matt Benanti's work on the church doors has been far more challenging, and they have only been able to continue work on the Capitol Ave doors (which are looking beautiful).


7th Street is entirely blocked off in front of Grace, but otherwise open.  

Capitol Avenue eastbound is blocked off at 6th Street, and again between 7th a- 11th Streets.

To get to the church parking lot from the north, come down 7th Street, turn right on to Capitol Ave, and then left into the alley beside our parking lot.

To get to the church parking lot from the south, come up 6th Street, turn right at Jackson, and then turn left up the alley across from Obed & Isaac's.

You can exit the church parking lot from all exits.


There are two ways to enter the church (all three sanctuary entrances are inaccessible).

The best way to enter the church is through the north door across from the Library.  This is also the entry that includes the chair lift.

On Sunday morning we will also have the southeast alley maroon door open.


Friday afternoon the insurance company's structural engineer will get the first real assessment of the damage to the steeple, and Grace is bringing in our own engineer at the same time to the same end.  Barring any changes, in-person 9:15am worship, and brunch to follow, will be in the Fellowship Hall.


We are grateful that no one has been hurt, and for your concern, patience and prayer as we strive to get the steeple repaired and safe, for the sake of our neighbors and our faith community.  I don't know about you, but I feel like a sabbatical in July might be a good idea 😉

with Grace,

Pastor Krieger


June 25, 2022

Grace Lutheran Church steeple was struck by lightning during last night's storms (see pictures below). Our thanks to Aaron Von Holten for seeing to it that the building was safe!


9:15am Worship Sunday, June 26 will be in the Fellowship Hall. Enter by Capitol Avenue.


The Ramp is not accessible, so we will have to use the stairs and/or the chair lift.


There will be no entering the sanctuary.


Since there will be a fellowship brunch in the Fellowship Hall following worship, I encourage all participants to wear a mask during worship. There is no air exchange in the Fellowship Hall, we will be singing, and some people will be eating in that space immediately after.

The streets are blocked off (see picture below) so driving to our parking lot is only possible from two directions:

1) driving south down 7th Street, turning right onto Capitol Ave, then turning left into the alley entrance

2) driving north up 6th Street, turning right onto Jackson, then turning left into the alley just past the Episcopal Church.

If you do not wish to face these driving or worship setting challenges, we encourage you to worship via our online worship found on our Facebook and YouTube.

We give thanks to God that no one was hurt when some small pieces of the steeple fell to the ground, and for the firefighters of Springfield who thoroughly went through every part of the facilities.

with Grace,

Pastor Krieger


"One life on this earth is all that we get, whether it is enough or not enough, and the obvious conclusion would seem to be that at the very least we are fools if we do not live it as fully and bravely and beautifully as we can." ~ Frederick Buechner