Grace Prayer Ministry (page 2)

4:24 Prayer time…We would like a collective effort to join together in prayer daily and increase our faith walk with our Lord. 

Acts 4:24 CEV reads… When the rest of the Lord’s followers heard this, they prayed together.  

As a congregation, each day at 4:24 let us take a moment to pray.  Set the time in your phone or on your calendar.  Let us come together as the body of Christ and lift our prayers to God, our Father who loves us.

Prayer Cards… We also have a place outside the office for those prayers for those who are battling things in mind, body or spirit. Leave words of encouragement there and we will publish those on a regular basis.


Would you like prayer?

Through prayer God connects to us and then we connect to each other.  If you would like to request prayer or pray for each other, click here.