Grace Food Pantry Hours are:

Monday,  Tuesday and Thursday; 11:00-1:30


Each day the shelves in the pantry are stocked full and by day’s end, the shelves are very bare.  It takes a remarkable amount of time, energy and grocery products to keep the pantry full.  

We have only volunteers who work in the pantry serving clients and each volunteer works at least 2 hours per week

This does not include the men who go to the Foodbank, load the trucks, return to the church and unload the trucks.  Once the trucks are unloaded, everything must be put away.  We have women who come every week, some twice a week, to help sort, bag and properly store our groceries.  Volunteers also come in daily to fill the Pantry shelves.  Weekly an order is placed with the Foodbank and any other food supplies which must be purchased and picked up at retail stores.  Most of the food we get comes from Central Illinois Foodbank.  People find it hard to believe the marvelous donations that are made to the Foodbank and they we are able to get them at 18 cents per pound, which we call shipping and handling…the Foodbank calls it shared contribution.

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