I am a fourth- generation member of Grace Lutheran Church. I was Baptized and Confirmed here, as were my children and grandchildren. I have formed life-long friendships in this church and made many new friends as well. I treasure these friendships, and they have enriched my life immensely. I have seen Pastors come and go over the years, but the commitment I see demonstrated by the members of this congregation never wavers. I am amazed and impressed by the endless hours volunteers contribute to maintain the tremendous outreach extended to the community we serve: Grace Food Pantry, Stephen Ministry, Meals on Wheels, James Project, Salvation Army Bell Ringing, The Story Book Project, and Crop Walk are just a few. There are so many more outreach programs we are involved with. Too many to list in this brief testimonial. The members of our youth group and Sunday School are exceptional. Anyone looking for a new church family would be welcomed with opened arms into this congregation. I am proud to be a member of Grace Lutheran Church.



Being part of a faith community is an important part of our life.

So when we left our home of 20 years on the East Coast and returned back to my childhood home, the decision on which church to join in Springfield was one of our most important tasks.

There are many reasons people select their church such as quality of sermons, service styles, and location. For us, it was a matching of mission.

Grace Lutheran's Mission is to Support, Encourage and Serve.

What we found at Grace was a true living Mission to walk in Christ's footstep - to love all people and serve the less fortunate. Grace offered us the opportunity to be truly, physically involved in service by volunteering at the Food Pantry.

The fellowship with the Food Pantry clients  and the friends we've made with other volunteers have been an enormous blessing in our lives. 

Grace Lutheran Church provides a variety of ministries to meet the unique challenges of the historic downtown Springfield community, the surrounding areas, and the world.  


Grace Lutheran’s Mission Statement:

As disciples in Christ, we support our faith community, encourage spiritual growth in everyone, and serve all creation with Christ- like love.

We accomplish this by: 

  • Spreading God’s Word

  • Building relationships

  • Serving the community

  • Reaching out to those in need


Our ministry includes:

  • Liturgical services centered on Word and Sacrament

  • Music in a variety of styles to enhance worship

  • Christian education for all ages to foster a lifetime of learning about God’s love

  • Community service and outreach to our members, friends, and neighbors

  • Fellowship activities to nourish our friendships and commitment to our church family